"Just Recycle with Art" by Donibane


For some time Donibane has been looking for»things» that are «recycled» with art style. The artist is deeply concerned as consumed natural resources and doing nothing to stop this maelstrom that only go in one direction.
«Artists have a great responsibility and with our language, I mean, more creative and original, perhaps we should lead the change»  the artist told us.
«Right now my goals are to create events and groups where we can expose all kind of recycle to convert on Art, and that is possible. Later we will develop courses to teach people to do it.  It is anyone to recycle, not just a group of artists. The paradigm has changed, now let’s move «a consumer society to a recycling society.» And we must teach to evertybody that recycle is really the most «like» (or should) be at all. We must reward, especially with praise and encouragement to those who do not just think it is a result of their precarious economic situation, although it may have something to be about, but we see it as something circumstantial. »
The artist tells us that on the facebook you can participate in the Group calls «GreenArtEvent» where they are placing many examples and ideas on how to recycle with art.  He is also preparing a big event «Green» by the end of the year.
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